Must… warn… others…

Having survived my first 20+ years as a professional software engineer and manager, I’m sharing some things I wish I’d know earlier. Useful for you, cathartic for me.

The Prime Directive of this blog is to always be worth your time. Each entry will be short and sweet, where “sweet” means either immediately useful or damned interesting.

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Full Disclosure

Some posts will be niche, especially with regard to computer programming: There’s going to be a lot of code here. Such posts will be marked prominently in case particular topics are not of interest to you. There’s also a fair amount of advice regarding career growth and technical project management.

Wait, what? Who are you, anyway?

I’m an engineer who has worked at some big companies (including Sun, IBM, GE, Bloomberg, and Google) and a handful of startups, with mixed success and plenty of failure. I’ve kind of figured out where some of the land mines are, and have enough hubris to think I can help other people avoid stepping on them.

I am now the Acting CTO of Epistemic AI, a technology company focused on accelerating research in the life sciences, especially with regard to Cystic Fibrosis and other rare diseases. Deeply Nested, and the opinions expressed herein, are strictly my own. This blog does not speak for Epistemic AI. Nevertheless, if you are a biomedical researcher or clinician who would like to hear from someone at Epistemic AI, please do not hesitate to contact me.